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TOL designs and manufactures mechanical pruning machines, hydraulically powered pruning tools and other heavy-duty agricultural equipment for harvesting and pruning a variety of crops in diverse climates and topographies.


Made With You in Mind


Our wholesale customers recognize:
  • Consistency in our products
  • Reliability in our service
  • Value in our pricing
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Retail customers of TOL products appreciate:
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Greater productivity
  • Superior safety standards
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TOL machines offer our end users:
  • Good visibility
  • Lasting comfort
  • Simplicity of controls
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Designed and Manufactured to Last

From the innovative design to the sturdy materials used in manufacturing, TOL agricultural equipment is built to provide years of hassle-free use.


Excellence at TOL begins with the components we design into our products and continues throughout the manufacturing process. We use only quality materials and conduct ongoing inspections.


We keep the safety of TOL equipment operators and spectators our priority, sparing no effort or investment to maintain high safety standards, whether our machines are in use or being serviced.


Using standard, readily available parts and power units in a well-crafted design and providing step-by-step service manuals helps streamline the repair and maintenance of our equipment.

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Existing customers can easily submit purchase orders for replacement parts and download service manuals with step-by-step instructions. Simply request to open an account with us and we will take care of the rest.

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