With more than 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and operation of pruning machines, TOL offers a wide selection and scope of models for hedging, topping and skirting.

Our expert team stands ready to give advice on the best models to meet your specific requirements.

Product features include:
• Rugged construction
• Economic operation
• Low maintenance
• Long lifecycle
• Simplicity
• Safety

HDR1400 T4

Dual Boom Topper Hedger The HDR1400 T4 is a heavy-duty machine designed to meet the growing demand for a dual boom, topper hedger able to hedge as narrow as 30 inches. The unique design of the machine allows each boom to be moved independently of each other making the HDR1400 T4 a versatile and productive machine. …


NextGen Power Unit

Continuing our reputation for innovation, TOL now offers rugged and reliable pruning machines with features never before seen in our products. The powerful Tier 4 engine offers more options, including up to 200 hp. It doubles the speed of past models, with a maximum transport speed of 20 mph. What’s more, the 4-wheel steering performs…


TH1400-H T4

The TH1400-H is one of our most versatile, commercial duty, topper hedgers. The center tower design allows the machine to fit in even the tightest planted orchards. The 32” diameter saw blades provide efficient operation when cutting large diameter wood. The “High Reach” boom allows the machine to perform commercial pruning of nut trees which…