Mechanical pruning machines designed and built to last

Staying power in business is earned. Doing business year after year in seasons both good and bad not only confirms sustained success, but also demonstrates a company’s ability to adapt to meet the changing needs of its customers. TOL Incorporated has been manufacturing agricultural equipment for nearly 40 years, proving its staying power.

TOL specializes in mechanical pruning machines. The California-based company also builds pruning/picking towers and ADI hydraulic pruning tools. From the innovative design behind every TOL machine to the sturdy materials used in the manufacturing process, TOL agricultural equipment is built to provide years of hassle-free use.

Made for a variety of crops in diverse climates and topographies, TOL agricultural equipment is used throughout the world. From South Africa to Mexico, Georgia to New Mexico, Canada to Texas, and its home state of California, TOL has earned repeat business from customers who recognize TOL’s reputation for quality and safety. Growers and dealers alike appreciate TOL’s superior customer service.

When growers approach TOL with specific requests to improve yields or increase efficiencies, this manufacturer listens and responds. One example of this adaptability is the TOL TH4500 Hedger/Topper Mechanical Pruning Machine. Designed specifically for pecan growers, it effectively reaches the heights and cuts the size of wood characteristic of pecan trees.

Specifications of the TH4500 include a cutting pass of 24 feet, maximum hedging height of 53 feet, maximum topping height at 45 degrees of 40 feet, a transport height of 11 feet 10 inches, and a cutting capacity of 6 inches. Suited to younger trees, the TH4500 has variable-speed rotating wings and four 32-inch-diameter saw blades. This topper/hedger is available self-propelled, mounted on a 155 HP power unit.

Excellence at TOL begins with quality components and continues through ongoing inspections until the moment of delivery. Going beyond the sale, TOL is committed to providing the very best service. Long-time customers still operate machines purchased from TOL in the early days of their relationship. They can attest to TOL’s staying power. To learn more about TOL products like the TH4500, contact General Manager and CEO Scott Hermann at (559) 686-2844 or toll free at (800) 732-2142.