Continuing our reputation for innovation, TOL now offers rugged and reliable pruning machines with features never before seen in our products.

The powerful Tier 4 engine offers more options, including up to 200 hp. It doubles the speed
of past models, with a maximum transport speed of 20 mph. What’s more, the 4-wheel steering performs a super-tight turning radius to make quick work of pruning nut, citrus and stone fruit groves of any size.

  • The newly designed engine hood drops off sharply to deter brush buildup.
  • The newly designed cooling system runs cooler even on the hottest days.
  • The newly designed cab slides over for easy access to the cooling system and other components.
  • The newly designed engine hood opens wide to expose all Tier 4 engine service points.

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Next Gen Advantages

  • 4WD disconnect saves fuel, reduces tire wear
  • Onboard air compressor for sawdust removal
  • Greater visibility to enhance operator comfort
  • Hydraulic technology for more precise control
  • Side-tilting cab for greater stability on hillsides
  • Integrated AC/Heater system for more efficiency

Additional Information:
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